The Port of Bar is the largest Montenegrin port for the loading of trade ships, has a ferry line connecting it with the Italian port of Bari and is the main berthing port for the Montenegrin navy. New Bar is the name of today’s newer settlement of the town, which became a modern location following the reconstruction that took place after the 1979 earthquake. The old town of Bar is located high on a hill, four kilometres towards the east. The walled and dilapidated Old Bar was a mythical coastal centre for the Balkan Slavs. It was built by Byzantine in the sixth and seventh century as an important watch point with an excellent view of potential attackers, both from the sea and from the land. This is the place where the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja, the Iliad of the Southern Slavs, originated.

The most prominent building in the town of Bar, among all the new buildings, is the summer villa of Montenegrin King Nikola. This beautiful villa, built in 1885 and surrounded by a large park, is located north of the port, next to the sea and Topolica Beach. Today it houses a heritage museum and art gallery.

The Bar area and the area south of it, all the way to Ulcinj, is famous for large olive groves and excellent olive oil. One of the oldest olive trees in the world, presumed to be more than two thousand years old (Old Olive), still grows in Old Bar. The port has a harbour office (not far away from port), maritime border crossing, harbour administration and a petrol station (at the top of the breakwater pier, at the marina entrance).